Do you look in the mirror and wish you could melt away those excess inches? Beautiful U Medi Spa may have just what you need. The Juvanesse Ultrasonic Body Contouring System treats every aspect of cellulite, smoothes skin, and melts away those extra ripples.

This revolutionary body treatment uses the latest and finest technological advances called Lumicell Wave 6. It combines 4 non-invasive technologies, working together in synergy to target body contour irregularities by penetrating deep to treat cellulite formation at the source. Call Beautiful U today to book your complimentary consultation, and to see if this treatment is right for you.



Number of TreatmentsPrice
1 JuvanesseCA$229.00
3 JuvanesseCA$579.00
6 JuvanesseCA$949.00

Pre + Post Treatment

  • Avoid the consumption of carbonated beverages as these tend to impede the loss of cellulite.
  • Avoid processed, sugary foods during your treatments as best as you can. Toxins can be replaced easier than they are removed.
  • Drink Plenty of water. This is very important during treatment as it assists in the flushing of toxins.
  • When it comes to coffee and wine remember the 2-1 ratio. 2 glasses of water for every one glass of wine/coffee.
  • Exercise helps tremendously with the stimulation of circulation and movement of the lymphatic system. Get walking! You don’t need to spend hours at the gym, but take a walk around your neighbourhood after dinner.
  • The use of infrared saunas before your treatment will boost results immensely.
  • Exfoliate before coming to your appointment. This will help all the fat melting products penetrate much deeper.
  • Dry brushing is a great way to help stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation in between treatments.
  • GM Collin Firming Body Cream can be used in between your sessions to accelerate treatment results and work on that pesky dimpling at home.