Want to build muscle, but have no time for the gym?



Muscle Toning treatment may be just what you’re looking for. The Eurowave utilizes a pulsating faradic wave, to stimulate, or ‘work out’ your muscles, producing a tightening effect after one session and up to a dress size reduction after a course of treatments.

Because we are working with muscles, most body areas can be addressed, including arms, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. This is an ideal body contouring treatment for anyone wanting an overall reduction, or for those who are concerned about a specific stubborn area. It is the perfect tightening aid for anyone who has sagging skin due to weight loss or post-pregnancy. The Eurowave lifts and body contours by actually building new muscle mass. The 18-minute or 30 minute session is completely effortless, and is equivalent to performing 200 perfect sit-ups. Results are sustainable for six to eight months as long as no weight is gained.

Our unique delivery system also allows total flexibility in the contraction length and how long that contraction is held, again increasing results and comfort for our clients. Eurowave is an ideal inch loss treatment for anyone seeking a fast, sustainable reduction in a targeted area. 

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1 Eurowave
12 Eurowaves
20 Eurowaves


What areas are the most common?

Most common treatment areas are abdomen, bums, thighs, arms and bust.

How long is a Eurowave Body Contouring session?

Treatments are either 18 or 30 minutes and each session is the equivalent of over 200 perfect sit-ups!

How many treatments are needed to see a difference?

A measurable difference after just one session and incredible results – toning, defining and inch loss after a course of 10 treatments.