What is EXO|E

EXO|E is a complete set of active plant based secretory factors and the latest bio-based, patented technology for modern skincare. Patients experience and appreciate less downtime and enhanced aesthetic results through the EXO|E rejuvenation system.

  • 3x faster recovery with enhanced results
  • Blockage of 90% of acute inflammatory
  • 10x stimulation of Collagen, Elastin &
    Hyaluronic Acid production
  • Contains THOUSANDS of active stem cell secretory factors

How does EXO|E work?

EXO|E has a biomimetic effect, which works like a holistic and complete supplement to provide the missing or reduced factors needed by the tissues to successfully repair and restore Equilibrium... that’s what the “E” in EXO|E stands for!
It’s lipophilic which allows for treatment of the entire dermal architecture through cell to cell signaling.

How is EXO|E applied?


D|TOX is applied topically at home 5 days prior to the in-office treatment. This prepares, hydrates, and cleanses the skin for treatment.

EXO|E is applied topically in-office, before numbing, and prior to all treatments. EXO|E decreases the inflammatory response while giving a hyper dose of Collagen, Elastin & HA stimulation.

RE|PAIR is applied topically at home 5 days post in-office procedure. This continues to reduce inflammation and promote faster healing with enhanced results.

These are the results form our recent gene expression study:

  • 891% Increase in the production of Elastin
  • 165% Increase in the production of Collagen
  • 198% Increase in the secretion of Hyaluronic Acid!
  • 61% daily reduction of inflammation


The D|TOX and RE|PAIR are available in 30ml bottle that is a 30-day supply for daily use!